Conservative Commentator and Pulitzer Prize Winner Charles Krauthammer Has Died; Peter Strzok Has Lost His Security Clearance
By: StaffJune 22, 2018
Here is the Daily Briefing for Friday, June 22, where we round up the day's biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Conservative Commentator and Pulitzer Prize Winner Charles Krauthammer Has Died 

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer died Thursday evening after fighting a losing battle with cancer. He was 68 years old. The cause of death was cancer of the small intestine, according to the conservative icon’s son, Daniel Krauthammer. He did not provide further information. Charles Krauthammer wrote a touching farewell note in The Washington Post notifying readers of his column about the serious nature of his condition. “I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months,” he wrote in the June 8 post. “I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me.” Krauthammer went on to say, “Recent tests have revealed that the cancer has returned. There was no sign of it as recently as a month ago, which means it is aggressive and spreading rapidly. My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live. This is the final verdict. My fight is over.”


First Lady Calls for 'Common Sense Immigration Reform' After Visit to Texas Border

First lady Melania Trump called on Congress to pass "common sense immigration reform" after a surprise visit to the Texas border on Thursday. In a statement released by the White House after the trip, the first lady said her visit to a shelter housing migrant children impacted her “greatly.” Melania said, “I was very impressed with the center and the hardworking staff and leadership there – and thank them for all of their hard work. It is my hope that Members of Congress will finally reach across the aisle and work together to solve this problem with common sense immigration reform that secures our borders and keeps families together,” she added.


Jeff Sessions: Peter Strzok Has Lost His Security Clearance

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that former FBI official Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance amid an internal disciplinary review. “Mr. Strzok, as I understand, has lost his security clearance,” Sessions told radio host Howie Carr. Strzok was escorted out of FBI headquarters on Friday, the day after the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its long-awaited report about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.


House GOP Leaders Push Immigration Vote to Next Week

In a surprise move Thursday night, House GOP leaders pushed back a vote on a compromise immigration bill until next week, underscoring the difficulty they're facing of winning votes. The decision to delay the vote, which had already been postponed from Thursday to Friday, followed a two-hour conference meeting designed to brief members on the measure’s contents. Lawmakers leaving the meeting said the bill will need to be changed even more if it is to have any hope of winning passage. “We're going to keep working — there are good ideas being discussed. We're trying to see if we can come to a consensus,” Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) told reporters. “So there are still complicated issues we're working through, but we're going to keep trying.”


Tom Arnold Says He's Teaming Up with Michael Cohen and 'Taking Trump Down'

Comedian Tom Arnold said Friday that he and President Trump’s former, longtime personal lawyer are teaming up to “take down” the president. Arnold tweeted a photo with Michael Cohen on Thursday with the caption, "I Love New York," which Cohen retweeted without comment. Arnold then told NBC News that he met with Cohen as part of a show he is working on for Vice, in which he searches for incriminating videos of the president. "This dude has all the tapes–this dude has everything,” Arnold told NBC News. "I say to Michael, 'Guess what? We’re taking Trump down together,’ and he’s so tired he’s like, 'OK,' and his wife is like, 'OK, f--- Trump.’” The show will feature Arnold’s hunt for other unflattering videos and footage of the president.


DNA Kits are Being Donated to Help Reunite Migrant Families

The CEO of the popular DNA-testing company 23andMe has agreed to provide DNA kits to help reunite the hundreds of migrant families separated at the border over the past couple of weeks after Congresswoman Jackie Speier approached the company with the idea. “They have committed to providing all the tests necessary to test the parents and the children,” Speier told Mercury News. Speier then got in touch with CEO Anne Wojcicki, who agreed to take on the task. Wojcicki tweeted, “We've heard from many of our customers that they would like to see 23andMe help reunite family members that were tragically separated from each other. Connecting and uniting families is core to the mission of 23andMe. We would welcome any opportunity to help.”


Student Group Tells ‘White Folks’ to ‘Stop Calling the Cops’

A Marquette University student group is imploring “white folks” to “stop calling the cops,” suggesting instead that students take matters into their own hands when they feel threatened. In a post on its Facebook page addressed specifically to “white folks,” Marquette Empowerment offers “some handy steps to follow if you feel the urge” to call the police, attaching a poster listing five “alternatives to calling the police.” Only after all of those options have been exhausted, the guide says, should one contact the police and even then it exhorts students to make sure they “understand how involving the police could impact me and the other person.”


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