Conventional Wisdom
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 23, 2020
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Conventional Wisdom
Here are some musings about the Democratic Convention.  Apparently, I was one of the few Americans that actually watched some of it.
First off, no speaker mentioned the police. Does the Democratic Party generally respect American law enforcement or not?  To completely avoid the “justice” issue was irresponsible.
Next, it is clear to me that despite the syrupy calls for national “unity,” the Democrats want a society that shows preference to minority groups.  This is based on historical wrongs that blacks experienced.  Skin color is obviously very important to the left and, under the banner of social and economic “justice,” white Americans may not receive equal recognition in policy.  That is certainly not a unifying platform.
But I must tell you there is no truth to the rumor that NBC will launch a new program called “America Has Racism.”  Word is circulating that LeBron James, Joy Behar, and Stephen Colbert, would evaluate folks and select the biggest racist.  Let’s see, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee; it’s got to be General Lee, right?
But again, that show is not happening and I’m glad to put the rumor to rest.
The Dem convention also featured a variety of speakers and I liked Kamala Harris the best. The very intense Senator Harris came across like Richie Cunningham’s mother on Happy Days.  So there you are, Mrs. C.
After smearing Brett Kavanaugh without any evidence in the Supreme Court hearing, Senator Harris now wants all citizens to be respected and beloved.  Or something.  Who knew?
President Obama looked almost casual in his denunciation of President Trump.  He believes the Trump administration is a “reality show.”  Mr. Obama could have been a lot worse on Mr. Trump, so this display amounted to little.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pretty much admitted that she’s a communist in her 75 second speech.  The Dems only had three consecutive hours that night so I guess time was tight.  They had to go to Eva Longoria for an update on free Pilates for everybody.
Joe Biden’s speech was crisply delivered but said little other than he wants mandatory mask wearing.  He didn’t explain further, but blamed Mr. Trump for Covid deaths.  If any press agency bothers to check, the record shows that Mr. Biden was much more permissive about the pandemic than the President was in the early stages.  Maybe Joe doesn’t remember.  His speech writers certainly didn’t.
All-in-all the virtual Democratic Convention was exactly like past traditional conventions. Lots of bloviating, little problem-solving.
I expect a similar exposition from the Republicans this week although President Trump may use his platform to scorch the earth.  Mr. Trump is particularly angry these days over Covid destroying the economy, and the partisan press making his life miserable.  So the President could give new meaning to the word “vent.”
Just that possibility will garner him higher TV ratings than Biden.  And all the networks will carry every word.
So don’t fear the reaper, as Blue Oyster Cult once sang.  But he is likely coming on Thursday.