Countering Delusion
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 24, 2023
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Received a significant reaction to my column on, copping to a malady I have: Biden Derangement Syndrome or BDS.

I do not want this condition. In fact, I mocked Americans who displayed Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now, I'm in the same place. Not a good place.

I have always tried to be fair in my news analysis, even when I'm dealing with folks who see things differently than I do. I hear their arguments and try to put forth better arguments. That's what I do.

But President Biden doesn't even try to defend his policies. He simply says the border is secure. Well, it's not, so he's delusional. How can you counter delusional?

A few days ago, Mr. Biden stated that he has no "regrets" about taking classified documents he should not have taken.

No sorry. No explanation. Nothing.

Hard to analyze nothing.

The guy is getting to me. It's not healthy. It's what the Trump haters do.

But I don't hate Biden. I very much dislike the damage he's doing to the country. I would like to convince him that out-of-control spending, open borders, unfair equity policies, and violent crime are all problems he should be addressing. But he's not, and I can't make him.

That's why I have BDS. Somebody develop a vax!

See you tonight for the No Spin News.