Crime, No Punishment
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 18, 2022
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Crime, No Punishment

It has all become very dark for the designer sunglasses guy. Joe Biden cannot, as the biblical creator did, command "let there be light." No, Joe is governing in darkness.

The hits to the American people are certified: inflation, open border, record high narcotics on the streets, collapsing airline industry, declining test scores for students, woke, racial tension, breakdown of civility, and due process.

We the people are getting battered.

Especially the urban poor.

FBI stats say violent crime is accelerating at a record pace. New Orleans is one of the most violent cities in the world. Every weekend thousands of Americans are shot nationwide. Many of these crimes are so-called "mass shootings" where more than five individuals take a bullet. Most of the victims are African-American, but the press says little. Why? Because most of the perpetrators are young black males, which is now a protected class in the American media.

In Chicago, which has record violence, the Bears football team is moving to the suburbs, and the McDonald's corporation may leave as well. Other businesses have already departed. But many of the poor cannot afford to do that.

President Biden has not addressed this brutal reality in any meaningful way. He does not have a solution to inner city violence and knows most chaotic towns are run by Democrats. So, exactly like the border, Biden sees no evil. He lives in luxury. He doesn't have to cower in fear as drug gangs run wild. He doesn't care.

Think about it. The President of the United States has done absolutely nothing about violent crime. No meetings with local police and prosecutors. No strategy from the Justice Department. Few public statements.

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund reports at least 75 progressive prosecutors are currently in office, all of them backed by George Soros, who has donated more than $40 million to elect "anti-incarceration" administrators.

Soros believes the U.S. justice system is racist and that minority criminals should not be held to account because of historical injustice. So, he funds the campaigns of people who see the world as he does.

Meanwhile, powerless Americans are being brutalized by violent thugs who avoid prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Ironically, the cities that refuse to hold criminals responsible are absolutely practicing racism against the hundreds of thousands of minority victims.

Joe Biden could not possibly understand that in his diminished state. But even if I sat with him in front of a giant blackboard filled with stats and talked very slowly, he would not react.

That's because Mr. Biden could not care less. He lives in a dark, protected world where problems, even life/death ones, are to be avoided. His eyes are shielded by designer lenses, his sensibilities limited to his own immediate needs.

This is the state of the most powerful man in the world. It is pitiful.

But the real pity should be directed toward the poor who are truly defenseless. Before the month of September is out, there will be hundreds more harmed.

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