Crimes Against Humanity
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 11, 2017
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As we reported last night, it falls to America to stop war crimes and atrocities all over the world.

Other countries will not do that - including great powers like China and Russia.

So it is left to we the people and our elected representatives to decide who we will save.

It is a gut-wrenching decision, as millions of people have been murdered all over the world by sick tyrants.

President Trump's missile attack on Syria sent a new message to the world - that the USA is going to hold war criminals accountable, at least to some extent. 

The previous president, Barack Obama, would not do that.

Instead, he used negotiations, which often failed.

Dec. 6 2016

OBAMA: “We’ve eliminated Syria’s declared chemical weapons program. All of these steps have helped keep us safe and helped keep our troops safe. Those are the result of diplomacy. And sustained diplomatic efforts, no matter how frustrating or difficult they sometimes appear, are going to be required to resolve the conflicts roiling the in Middle East, from Yemen, to Syria, to Israel and Palestine.”

Now we know that Syria did not eliminate its chemical weapons program, casting grave doubt on whether Iran will obey the nuke deal President Obama made.

It is beyond a doubt that the Syrian dictator Assad is a war criminal.

But there are many other countries around the world in the same awful category.

According to human rights watch, the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un allows the following:

  • Systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations, including murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion on and on.

Roughly 18 million people in North Korea do not get enough food, according to a United Nations report released last month.

But that is not enough to attack the country.

There is some sense of responsibility on the North Korean people themselves. Sometimes you have to fight for your life and rights. The United States cannot declare war on North Korea despite the atrocities.

But if the loony dictator continues to violate international weapons laws, targeted military action can be taken with justification. 

And then there is ISIS, which routinely rapes and kidnaps women, sells them into slavery, executes homosexuals, slaughters Christians and basically kills and maims at will.

ISIS is currently under attack by a coalition of nations headed by - you guessed it - us.

And there is no excuse for not wiping ISIS off the face of the earth.

A lesser group, Boko Haram, based in Nigeria, Africa, kills children and Reuters is reporting may have murdered 15,000 people over the years.  

That Muslim extremist group uses female and child suicide bombers. At least 44 kids were killed in suicide attacks in 2015 alone. 

The world has not yet united against Boko Haram, but it should.

So you can see that President Trump, the leader of the free world, has his hands full.

For eight years, President Obama expressed indignation over crimes against humanity and did attack evildoers with drones.

But the problem is getting worse worldwide, and now it's up to President Trump to see if he can control it.

And that's the memo.