Cutting Back on Thanksgiving
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 8, 2022
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There are internet surveys on everything these days, and one just came out saying because of inflation, 30 percent of Americans are canceling the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, I don't believe the survey because Thanksgiving is almost sacred in the USA. 

However, another part of the poll says a number of Americans are cutting out at least one dish in order to save money.  So, let's run down that list.

Turkey/Ham has to be there unless you're vegan.  Ditto stuffing and gravy.

Mashed and sweet potatoes?  Gotta have them.

Green beans, yes, healthy and tasty.

Bread?  Okay, the gluten can go.

Apple pie?  A must.  Ice cream on it - not necessary.  Blueberry pie? Absolutely.

The beverage area is where you can save. The pilgrims actually drank beer in Plymouth.  Today, many drink wine. Not me.

Best drink with dinner: water with lemon. That's essentially free if you have a water filter which you should have.

Thanksgiving is worth the tariff.  No question.  Enjoy it.
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