Dancing with Dementia
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 11, 2024
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Dancing with Dementia

From afar, it looks like Joe Biden's biggest problem is Jill Biden, his 72-year-old wife. It is now beyond any reasonable doubt that the President is in steep cognitive decline, and Jill literally stands by her man, seemingly refusing to acknowledge reality.

About 15 years ago, I had to take my mother's checkbook and car keys. She objected. I can't even describe the feeling of doing that to the kindest person I have ever known. But Ann O'Reilly could no longer think with clarity. Her decision-making ability was shot.

That ordeal informed me about President Biden's condition. I knew he was impaired more than a year ago and incorporated that into my analysis. I take no satisfaction in doing so. I feel sorry for Joe Biden, the person. Someday, I might be in his shoes.

I do not have sympathy for Jill Biden, who is putting her country at risk by perpetuating the fiction that her husband has the cognitive ability to run the nation.

He does not.

The progressives who celebrate that Mr. Biden is their compliant tool are now ferociously lashing out at Special Counsel Robert Hur for stating the truth in his documents report: the President is impaired.

These despicable far-left zealots could not care less about Biden or the 330 million people he leads. Nope. The progressive fanatics have ideology poisoning. As long as their agenda is embraced, they don't care about the cost.

Listen to MSNBC if you don't believe me.


Incredibly, there are still voters who would pull the lever for Joe Biden. The excuse is that Trump is worse than a leader who cannot remember information or formulate cogent thoughts. 

So here is the brutal truth. Anyone who would vote for Biden at this point is putting the nation in grave danger. If you don't want Trump, fine, skip the top presidential line and vote your party preference down the ballot.

Finally, the Jill Biden thing really disturbs me. I wrote truthfully about Ronald Reagan's mental condition and his wife Nancy's protective blanket in "Killing Reagan."

You won't find the book in the Reagan library.

But this Biden situation is so much worse. The President is now painful to watch. And America's enemies are watching closely.

For over a year, I've predicted that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee. I am actually sad my analysis is close to becoming reality. 

Why? Because Joe Biden does not deserve to go out this way. Someone should help him.

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