Danger: Far Left Ideology Zone
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 4, 2019
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Danger: Far Left Ideology Zone
Bernie Sanders could star in a slasher movie.  With those hands wildly swinging around, all you’d have to do is put a blade in one of them.  Bystanders would drop like Chinese stocks.  No one would be safe.
Elizabeth Warren could be in a remake of The Wizard of Oz.  Put a black pointy hat on her and she could easily direct those hyper-active flying monkeys to pluck corporate CEOs off the streets and drop them in a deep lake somewhere.
Tarantino could direct both those films, although Senator Warren might object to all the swearing.
Bernie would be okay with it, as long as the crude verbiage was directed at billionaires.
But those cinema fantasies are nothing compared to the reality that millions of Americans apparently would like to see Sanders or Warren run this country.  If that ever happened, and if the Democrats gained control of both houses of congress, America would become a very chaotic place.  Fast.
Senator Sanders is the most dangerous.

A true zealot, Sanders actually honeymooned in the totalitarian Soviet Union and, by his own admission, found things to admire about a country in which millions of people were murdered in order to impose government control.
Sanders is a product of the hippie movement and is a “share the land” kind of guy.
The problem with that outlook is that you have to confiscate land in order to share it.  Sanders does not hesitate on that front, bellowing that corporations and affluent Americans must “pay their fair share.” And that calculation will be made solely by Sanders and his followers.  You won’t have a say in it.
Old Bernie will also tell you exactly how your health maintenance will be handled.  And you will do as you are told, under pain of law.
Elizabeth Warren is almost as menacing as Sanders but not quite as bellicose.  She’s a hardcore socialist who wants the federal government to run the private economy so income inequality and social injustice can be banished.  On the justice front, we don’t need that pesky due process thing.  As she did with Brett Kavanaugh, Warren will decide who’s guilty in this country.  That will certainly save everyone a lot of time.
So here’s the truth about both Senators Sanders and Warren if they ever achieved White House level power: the economy would likely crash.  I’m not talking a recession, I’m predicting a full blown economic horror.  Corporations would relocate overseas, private capital would also leave the country, jobs would be lost, and wages would collapse as more workers were laid off.
Catastrophe doesn’t begin to cover it.  
Millions of Americans are too distracted or foolish to understand that the free stuff train will run out of fuel quickly, especially since fossil energy will be banned. Then, the federal government would have to start punishing profit-makers, investors and savers in order to pay trillions of dollars in entitlement bills.
This Sanders-Warren movement is completely unhinged.  It is even demanding American taxpayers fund health care for foreigners who break our immigration laws.  In addition, it espouses direct government payments to Americans who “cannot or WILL NOT work.”   In the latter category, we’re talking millions of substance abusers here.
To me, an American who has worked hard all his life, support for a candidate or political party that wants to take away my money and my freedom is simply incomprehensible.
But, sadly, millions of my fellow citizens disagree.   They are ramped up to give up their ability to operate independently.  They want Bernie or Elizabeth or Beto to tell them exactly what they can or cannot have.
As a product of parents raised during the Great Depression, I never thought there would be a replay.  But a President Sanders or Warren, would likely guarantee one.