Dangerous Leaders
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 23, 2024
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So now there are unconfirmed reports that Mexican President Obrador - AMLO - has taken cash bribes from the cartels, and the Biden Administration is failing to aggressively investigate.
Is it true? No clue.
Is it possible? You bet.
Here's what we know. Mexico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, allowing murderous criminal gangs to amass billions of dollars.
Mexico has the highest homicide rate on the planet if you count "disappearances."
Obrador allows millions of migrants to illegally enter his country in order to transit to the USA.
Obrador presides over a government that hasn't dented the drug organizations in decades. Entire cities like Juarez and Acapulco are run by vicious gangsters.
Obrador's amigo, President Biden, has presided over an open southern border for 37 months, doing absolutely nothing to stop the massive intrusion of foreign nationals into the United States.
Mr. Biden also is responsible for a record amount of deadly narcotics that are smuggled into America every day from Mexico.
No wonder Biden and AMLO are pals. The "see no evil" compadres.
In a fair world, both Biden and Obrador would be playing pickleball in Naples, Florida, not injuring their respective countries.
Again, I don't know if Obrador is taking blood money. But I do know that he and his amigo to the north are dangerous, incompetent leaders.
Enjoy the weekend. Don't go to Mexico for spring break.