Defeating the Jihad by Not Being Dumb
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 5, 2015
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The Garland, Texas Police Department is keeping secret the name of the hero cop who shot two jihadists dead on Sunday.

That of course for his own protection, as radical Muslims are a dire threat.

And now there is a controversy over whether the anti-Muslim group who ignited the situation did a foolish or noble thing.

Donald Trump weighed in on the group's leader Pamela Geller:

DONALD TRUMP:  It looks like she's just taunting everybody.  What is she doing?  Drawing Mohammed and it looks like she's actually taunting people. ((EDIT)) You know, I'm one that believes in free speech, probably more than she does.  But what's the purpose of this?”

Mr. Trump is correct.  By setting up a contest and awarding $10,000 for a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed, the American Freedom Defense Initiative spurred a violent attack.

That was not smart, even though the group has its supporters.

Mike, I'm withholding his last name, in Fairbanks, Alaska wrote:

"Megyn Kelly was completely right and you are completely wrong, O'Reilly.  An event like this should be held daily.  If the Muslim world doesn't like it -- tough."

Insulting the entire Muslim world is stupid, Mike.

It does not advance the cause of liberty or get us any closer to defeating the savage jihad.

You may not have noticed Mike, but some Muslim countries are now fighting ISIS and al Qaeda themselves.

Jordan and Egypt are two of the most powerful.

So Mike, do you think it's a smart strategy to insult the Muslim countries of Jordan and Egypt by besmirching their religious icon?

Do you?

Okay, now the group says it is entitled to insult Mohammed because of freedom of speech.

That is true.  They have the right to do it.

But again, it is stupid.  It accomplishes nothing.

There has been no program stronger than The Factor in speaking out against the jihad.

We have severely criticized the Obama administration for being too timid and for allowing atrocities to go unpunished.

So don't give me I'm soft on the jihad.  I'm not.

They deserve to be neutralized, removed from the planet.

If President Obama was serious about fighting the jihad, he would actually mobilize the 60 nations that have signed on to fight ISIS.

But instead, it's a big fraud as the world continues to do nothing.

But insulting a religion with more than a billion followers does not advance the cause of defeating the fanatical jihadists.

It hurts the cause.

Does it not?

And that's the memo.