Defending Trump
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 27, 2019
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Defending Trump

Because I am a simple man, allow me to pose a simple question: do you believe the national press in America really wants to find out if powerful government people actively tried to subvert the Trump campaign and/or his subsequent administration?

Yes or no?

Perhaps you have noticed that The New York Times is objecting to Mr. Trump declassifying government documents that may demonstrate exactly how the FBI and other agencies behaved during the Clinton email investigation and the Russian-Collusion thing.

You may also have observed that the ardently leftist media is angered because President Trump has given Attorney General Barr “extraordinary powers” to investigate the investigators.

Even if that were true, which it is not, why would the press object to finding out if our federal government embraced corruption during a presidential election? Isn’t that a vital thing for the nation to know?

But the anti-Trump media does not want that exposition for two reasons: first, corruption established would help Donald Trump in his quest for reelection. And second, if the fix was “in” that would implicate the press as enablers of the scandal.

As an American, I would like to know if elements of my government tried to illegally derail Donald Trump. My wish has nothing to do with ideology or party politics. I simply do not want my country to be a corrupt place.

But that assessment puts me at odds with most in the media who are fighting against any fact-finding about the FBI and others. The Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC News and most political websites will use their power to try to derail and “cover up” the Barr probe.

Hear that Nancy Pelosi?

Do you care?

Why am I even asking her?

And just by writing this column, I will be scorned for “supporting” President Trump. That means I can be derided by Saturday Night Live, vilified on the net, threatened by zealots, and attacked personally by the media in a variety of ways.

All because I don’t want a crooked FBI or U. S. intelligence apparatus.

It is astounding that we, as a country, have come to this place. President Trump is certainly a controversial leader and, if you oppose him, that is legitimate political thought. You should not be scorned by anyone for holding it.

However, if you are fine with most of the national media actively trying to destroy a President and then desperately attempting to block the truth about what could be massive corruption in attempting to harm Mr. Trump - then you deserve to be scorned.

That’s not what a patriot does.