Defending Trump
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 24, 2018
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Defending Trump
You may have noticed that the hate-Trump media is trying to ruin Sean Hannity.  In recent weeks, both The New York Times and The Washington Post have run articles disparaging the broadcaster, leading CNN, NBC News and other leftist organizations to pile on.
The goal is to silence President Trump’s most visible media defender, and in the process send a message to others on TV and radio that you can be destroyed as well if you approve of Trump.
One aside: The New York Times is very proud it got me off the air.
So far, Mr. Hannity has taken the pounding and not wavered.  In fact, his stalwart defense of the President has enhanced his power.  Talkers Magazine has selected Sean Hannity as the most influential voice on American radio, a first for him.  
That will just further infuriate the haters on the left.
It really doesn’t matter what you may think of President Trump.  What matters is that almost all media coverage of the man is negative with the exception of Fox News.  A recent study by the Media Research Center says that in the first quarter of 2018, the three nightly network newscasts delivered negative coverage of President Trump more than 90 percent of the time.
Think about it.  The economy is good, wages are rising, North Korea may suspend its nuke weapons program, and the American military is being rebuilt.  
And TV News can’t find positive stories?  
You may call that corruption.
If Sean Hannity and Fox News were off the air, where would Americans see anything positive about the President? Maybe Roseanne.
Do the American people really want across the board vilification of their leader?  You have that now on the three late night programs, in the newspaper industry (with some rare exceptions like The Wall Street Journal editorial page), in Hollywood, and on the network news.
Is that a healthy thing for the USA? 
No, it is not.
If the Trump-haters manage to destroy a voice like Hannity’s, this country will suffer.  Again, it doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to his support of the President but it does matter very much that his point of view is available.
One more thing.  Many so called journalists take direct cues from their corporate masters and say what they think the bosses want to hear.  These charlatans know that if you deviate from the party (liberal) line, your career will be hurt, and you may well be shunned on the personal level as well.
Sean Hannity does not respond to corporate interference.  He believes every word he says and does not embrace cues or threats from management. I’ve known the guy for more than 20 years so I tell you this with certainty.
Having experienced media attacks for decades myself, I can tell you they are maddening, frustrating, and debilitating.  
I know what Hannity is going through and I know the far left won’t stop trying to destroy him.
That’s the real price of free expression in America.
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