Defying Heritage
By: BOR StaffSeptember 21, 2022
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Why do people use nicknames?

To distinguish themselves from others. To avoid confusion. To rebel against the name given to them by their parents.

Nimrata Nikki Haley, like many other women before her, chooses to use her middle name. Is that because she's ashamed of her Indian heritage? She acknowledges her background quite often.

But that's not good enough for The View host Sunny Hostin, who called her "a chameleon," implicating that the former U.N. ambassador is trying to downplay her ethnicity.

The irony in this accusation is that Hostin's given first name is Asunción. Hostin's mother is Puerto Rican. 

Why does she defy her Puerto Rican heritage? Who cares. The only reason she made the accusation is that Haley is a Republican. 

Just another day in the absurd.