Democrats Dominate the California Political Scene
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 13, 2018
President Trump rolls into California to raise some political money and look at border wall prototypes.  Since the Golden State rivals Havana in anti-Trump sentiment, Mr. Trump is not exactly welcomed in the land of entitlement.

California has changed drastically since Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon came out of there.  While the state maintains it’s natural beauty and hospitable weather, the population has turned dramatically left.

There are two reasons for this.  First, millions of foreign born folks now call California home and many of them want government assistance.  Therefore the party that provides entitlements has amassed millions of new registrations.  Democrats dominate the California political scene.

But even more important than that is the  Golden State’s educational system.  The far left teacher’s unions have wiped out any kind of ideological balance in the classroom.  If you want to prosper on campus as a teacher or administrator, you almost have to be an ardent liberal.  The kids are indoctrinated rather than taught in many schools.

California has become a one-party state and chaos has followed.  Homeless legions have almost destroyed downtown San Francisco and Los Angeles, taxes are cruel, and traffic is punishing.

But far worse is the social fascism that attacks non-liberal viewpoints.  The state is politically correct to the point of paralysis.

President Trump has no real interest in California and is actually overseeing three federal lawsuits against the Sanctuary State.  So, he’ll zip in and out of there, leaving with as much cash as he can get.

It’s amazing but California might despise Mr. Trump even more than North Korea does.  At least with the NoKo dictator, talks are in the air.

Tonight on the No Spin News we’ll look at California’s philosophy in what will be very entertaining analysis.   See you beginning at 7 eastern time.
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