Dependence on Government
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 29, 2022
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The Wall Street Journal reports that three years ago, 2019, the United States spent $60 billion on food stamps. 
This year, more than $120 billion will be spent - a double. And President Biden wants more taxpayer dollars to combat "food insecurity."
Of course, he does. Mr. Biden's solution to every problem is spending more money. The astronomical federal budget has caused inflation, which makes it harder for people to buy food. Biden then offers more free food, which will ignite even higher inflation.
Joe Biden doesn't care about any of that. Way too complicated for him. But his party cares deeply. Not about hungry folks - but about creating dependence on government.
Why do you think poor Americans overwhelmingly support the democrats? Entitlements, that's why.
And, by the way, many undocumented migrants will be getting those entitlements.
Finally, if you oppose outrageous spending, you are evil, a bigot, a greed head, a selfish American who does not pay "his fair share," to quote the socialist Bernie Sanders.
So we watch our country descend into a place without problem-solving, discipline, or self-reliance.
Please vote on November 8.
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