Destructive Diversity
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 13, 2022
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Diversity is a word that should be positive but has turned destructive. For example, many Americans are baffled by the sheer incompetence and, yes, the stupidity of President Biden's border policy. But if you raise questions about if, somehow, you are labeled an enemy of minority groups. A "diversity denier." 

The Biden administration apparently believes allowing millions of foreign nationals into the United States unsupervised strengthens the nation. Of course, it does exactly the opposite. Just ask any American living in border counties. It is chaotic and dangerous down there; many people, including migrants, are suffering. 

In fact, the only people prospering are the vicious Mexican cartels who smuggle humans and narcotics into America. Their criminal enterprises make billions of dollars.

Speaking of money, because the cost of living has risen so dramatically under Biden, many migrants find themselves in bad financial shape - even the ones who obtained legal green cards. Five dollars a gallon gas and high food costs drain low wages. So, the "diversity highway" is now a much harder road.

Progressive theory is wreaking havoc in our nation, but the President remains enthralled by it. That is quickly causing his demise. He is finished as a credible leader. Even his own misguided party knows it.

In November, we'll see another example of diversity. Far more Republicans will take up residence on Capitol Hill.

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