Disney vs. Chapek
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 22, 2022
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The sacking of Disney CEO Bob Chapek was no surprise to your humble correspondent.  I predicted it six months ago.

A company that appeals to children must protect children.  Getting into a public spat with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over classroom alternative lifestyle lessons was as foolish a move as I've seen in the corporate world.

And it has cost Disney billions in lost business.

Traditional parents generally oppose teachers presenting cross-dressing, gender fluidity, and gay issues to young children.  In the Muslim world, that could get you hanged.

But in the world of Hollywood, it's standard procedure these days to indoctrinate kids into the woke world at an early age.

The truth is that many, perhaps most, Americans have had it with woke.  They are appalled at preening celebrities and executives ramming "their truth" down the throats of the public.

So, the public votes with its spending power.  Apparently, Chapek is not smart enough to realize that.

Robert Iger, who returns as Disney CEO, does understand the audience dynamic. He is also woke, but he'll mask it.  Profits trump woke and everything else.

The magic kingdom cannot say the magic is back.  But at least the campaign against kids is gone.

See you tonight for the No Spin News.