Do I Believe Michael Cohen?
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 28, 2019
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It is not my job to defend Donald Trump or any other public official unless I know the absolute truth in the face of a falsehood.  And in the case of Michael Cohen, I do.
Cohen has attacked the President on a number of fronts much to the satisfaction of the hate Trump media.  But if you look at Cohen’s assertions objectively you’ve got to summon up Humphrey Bogart: “they don’t amount to a hill of beans.”
But it was Cohen’s statement that Donald Trump ran for President to promote his brand and not out of love for country, that I can say with certainty is false.  And that’s based on dozens of private conversations with the President over the years.
Michael Cohen feels betrayed and wants vengeance.  That’s what Congress is getting.  Hopefully, Americans understand what’s going on here.
See you on the No Spin News tonight.
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