Does Karl Marx Matter?
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 5, 2020
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Does Karl Marx Matter?
They came for Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben with stunning speed.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson never knew what hit them.  Teddy Roosevelt got canceled in New York City, Junipero Serra, a saint, was defiled in California.  The Archbishop of San Francisco actually called that an evil act.  Few publicly supported his statement.
But it is not social justice organizations driving this destructive train.  It is not African-American citizens en masse.
No, this movement to demonize America’s history, traditions, religions and culture is led by Marxists and anarchists. And they know they have the sympathy of many corporations including those who run media operations. The radicals well understand they can do pretty much what they want to do especially if they live in “woke” areas.
The hyper-aggressive far-left tactics caught many including the President and the federal government by surprise.  Already reeling from the insidious Covid attack, authorities are having a difficult time separating the peaceful justice protesters from the political insurgents.  And very cleverly, the radicals are using some well intentioned Americans as shields to hide an absolute insurrection against the American system.
A few days ago, protesters marched to the homes of wealthy people in Southampton, New York, including the lavish estate of Michael Bloomberg.  Their message bordered on incoherent but what did emerge was an attempt to shame the rich as well as demand that they give a good portion of their assets to the “people.”
This, of course, is what communists want.
We have documented in this space that a leading radical group, the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, was founded by three Marxists who want to destroy capitalism and the “white supremacy” power structure in America.
Thanks to recent reporting by the Capital Research Center, we now know a bit more.
The BLM Global Foundation uses the slogan “Black Lives Matter” to recruit street demonstrators and also to solicit donations. The Foundation has been very successful in raking in money while, at the same time, keeping its true political agenda hidden.
The corporate media helps because it has zero interest in scrutinizing the BLM Global Foundation.  That would be politically incorrect.
If the New York Times, Washington Post, or any TV news agency bothered, they would quickly discover, as I did, that the BLM Global Foundation has a close, financial alliance with the “Thousand Currents” group in Oakland, California.  That organization is an ultra-left, anti-American concern.
According to the Currents website, a woman named Susan Rosenberg is the Vice-Chairwoman of the board of directors.  Ms. Rosenberg, 55, has an interesting history. She was a member of the May 19th Communist group, and also traveled to Cuba with the pro-Castro Venceremos Brigade.
In 1982, the FBI put her on its ten most wanted list for terrorist activities.  Then in 1984, she was arrested for possessing 600 pounds of dynamite and a sub-machine gun.

She was sentenced to 58 years in a federal penitentiary before being pardoned by President Clinton in 2001, right before he left office.
Now Susan Rosenberg and the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation are associated. But they don’t want you to know that. Shortly after the Capital Research Center wrote about Rosenberg, Thousand Currents scrubbed her name from its website.
It is not a reach to believe that fear and loathing will escalate in this country.  We’ve all seen the looting, arsons, and assaults. We know American law enforcement is under siege, and many media chieftains will not confront the radical mob.  We vividly see bad people on social media hurting their fellow citizens in ways never before witnessed in this country.
But here’s something you might not know. More Americans are legally buying firearms than ever before, according to FBI background checks.  Many folks have lost faith in the system to protect them.  So now they are arming themselves.
As an old song once put it: “the air is full of suspicion.”  
Not a good place for any of us to be.