Donald J. Trump, RIP?
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 4, 2020
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Donald J. Trump, RIP?

Well it was fun while it lasted.  Kinda fun.  A few laughs.  But now many pundits believe it is all over for President Trump.  He’s going the way of John Adams, Benjamin Harrison, and Jimmy Carter.  One and done.  Bush the Elder territory.  Donnie, we hardly knew ya.

The President has Covid.  It got past his Secret Service shield.  Some are happy. Don’t tell me they’re not.  Trump haters believe they see the end in sight.

But, wait. There’s a month to go before the vote.  And Halloween has to be factored in. Joe Biden rising from his basement crypt, bellowing “if in fact” from behind his mask. Scaring the kids.  Do Americans really want old Joe at the wheel?  While Kamala lurks? Promoting San Francisco values?  Joe doesn’t even like her.  Is this the ticket the nation seeks?

Polls say yes.

President Trump interrupts. He’s a confronter.  Not nurturing.  The suburban ladies don’t like his style.  But do they understand what Joe and Kamala will bring? Do they get that higher taxes and centralized government will constrain freedom?  Do they want a no bail policy when a thug steals their car?  Would they like drug addicts openly setting up shop in the neighborhood?

A great mystery of the universe is that President Trump, perhaps the most blunt human being since Nero, has not spelled things out for the people of this country.

So it’s left to me, your humble correspondent, to do it.  

Joe Biden is approaching the end of the trail. He is a man for no seasons, a fellow who will follow the left-wing agenda with no conscience pangs whatsoever.

Abort babies in the third trimester?  Altar boy Joe is down with that.  Impose a “wealth tax” that essentially seizes private property? Joe has no objection even though he’ll have to pony up a percentage of his beach house to federal and state tax collectors every year.

Ban most firearms?  Joe will not object.  Pay the healthcare costs for millions of undocumented people?  Biden will sign the checks even as the federal debt is north of $30 trillion.

The truth is that Joe Biden has changed almost all his beliefs to comply with the wishes of the far-left zealots who control his party.  At this point, Joe stands for nothing and would happily watch the destruction of the Supreme Court and the free marketplace.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

You can’t because it is so.  You won’t answer that critique because, as you said in the debate, it would become “the issue.”

So why the deuce isn’t Donald Trump going door to door warning Americans that their traditional country is about to be disassembled if Joe Biden is elected? 

We know Joe believes authorities in Oregon can “handle” the vicious destruction of Portland because Joe said so.  Does Joe understand radical left violence has been going on in Portland for more than 100 days? Does Joe have a TV set?

Instead of interrupting, President Trump needs to use his upcoming debate time to list the things that will happen to all of us if Joe and Kamala take over.

Yes, some ideological zombies won’t believe it, but most hard working men and women will at least consider the incredible debacle facing this nation.  Socialism is on the way, get set for Sweden on steroids.

Mr. Trump may be the Covid kid today, but there will never be a vaccine for what Biden/Harris will bring.  No doubt, we are all living in a time of fear and confusion.

But if Democrats gain power, we ain’t seen nothing yet!