Doom For Democrats
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 10, 2022
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With virtually no Democratic congressional candidates asking President Biden to campaign for them, a stark message has been sent.  Mr. Biden's incompetence may be contagious, and the Dems don't want an association.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is racing around the country in support of Republican candidates.

At this point in American history, it is becoming too difficult for working Americans to prosper.  Disposable income is dropping due to inflation, and while there are many jobs, building savings is difficult because of high housing and living costs in many places.  With interest rates climbing, housing will soon be squeezed as new construction slows down.

President Biden, I believe, does not understand economics, nor is he particularly interested.  The White House's standard issue is "the economy is strong."

Not on Main Street, it isn't.  And that should spell doom for Democrats on November 8.

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