Electoral Incompetence
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 11, 2022
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From what I can ascertain, it looks like Republicans will take 220 seats in the House.  218 needed for control.  The guessing game continues because of the colossal incompetence of Arizona, Nevada, and parts of California.  In those places, officials simply cannot count votes in an efficient way and, next time around, federal monitors should be installed.

Enough is enough with electoral incompetence.

Republicans should be chastened over the paltry House victory.  Across the country, the GOP won the total House vote by about six percent.  With the dithering Biden in the White House, that is a troubling underperformance.

The good news is that if the House is controlled by Republicans, the ultra-destructive progressive agenda on the federal level is dead for two years.

But like Dracula, it could rise again.

Sunday noon column on the election. Enjoy the weekend.

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