Embarrassing the Mullahs
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 30, 2022
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They had to win. If the US men's soccer team had fallen to Iran on Tuesday, the worldwide anti-American propaganda would have been deafening. But, apparently, Allah did not will it.
Good for him.
Iran is a vicious country whose people should have risen up a long time ago and deposed the militant clerics who terrorize their own people as well as others in the Gulf region. Iran would have fit in well with The Third Reich, as I vividly chronicle in my book "Killing the Killers" - the Secret War Against Terrorists."
But the Iranian soccer team did not go down easily. They played better than the Americans in the second half. As I've stated, this is a tough tournament to watch as the teams are playing not to lose rather than aggressively trying to win.
No matter, our soccer guys came through and embarrassed the Mullahs, whose entire premise is God is on their side, so murdering Jews and other infidels is no problem.
The world should wish Iran soon goes back to being Persia, and these maniacs running the place now, get justice.
See you this evening for the No Spin News.