Enough with the Trump Bashing
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 5, 2019
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Another day, another useless exercise in Trump bashing. Yes, we know that many Americans do not approve of the President and the media is downright persecuting him.  But enough with the phony impeachment exposition.  The Senate will soon put an end to it but not before major damage is done to America.
The simple truth is that if President Trump is removed for “abuse of power,” then every single American president should have been booted out from George Washington to Barack Obama.  I gave specific examples to Sean Hannity on the radio yesterday, we’ve posted that on the site.
Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll run down the most insane things said about the latest impeachment hearing and believe me, there are plenty to choose from.
Also tonight, I’ll announce the latest Killing book which will be out this coming May.
See you beginning at 7.
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