Everyone Lost Yesterday
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 7, 2021
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Everyone lost yesterday when protestors turned violent and violated the U.S. Capitol building.

President Trump himself lost, because he did not tamp things down in his speech before the riot. 

Now, it would be false and even hateful to suggest that the President incited the riot, as many in the media are already doing.

But you must anticipate danger when there are more than 100,000 people, many of them angry, some irrationally so, packed into a small area. The president did not try to tamp things down in his pre-riot remarks. A major mistake. 

America’s image was besmirched all over the world. You may not care about this – but it is important. What the world saw yesterday reflects poorly on all Americans. People overseas don’t understand the micro of what is happening– all they saw was a wild mob trying to destroy the symbol of American democracy. 

President Trump will now go down in history as a lesser president. This riot in his last two weeks in office will define him. Now, that is not fair - Mr. Trump did a lot of great things and helped this country get stronger economically, no doubt about it.

But this display was so vivid and so terrible that it will be attached to President Trump as history unfolds. 

That may not be fair, but that is the way it will be.

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