Extreme Vetting
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 30, 2017
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President Trump's executive order stopping the flow of refugees into the USA until a new system of evaluation can be put into place is causing major dissent.

So let's examine the situation in a fair way.

Last year about 85,000 refugees were admitted to this country, nearly half of them Muslim.  That does not count tens of thousands of people who claimed refugee status crossing the southern border.

About 19,000 Syrian refugees were admitted during the past two years.

The Trump administration believes it is too easy for refugees from terror areas to come here and has stopped citizens from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia from being processed for at least 90 days.

It cites the refugee chaos in Europe and the violence that has caused as evidence more vetting is needed.

Indeed liberal countries like Sweden have cracked down hard on migrants entering, citing a myriad of problems.

It is worth stating for the record that the massive flow of mostly Muslim refugees would not be happening had President Obama and the West not retreated from the Middle East and North Africa, allowing ISIS and the Syrian dictator Assad to murder at will.

Also, and I bet you didn't know this, President Obama stopped most refugees from Iraq from coming to America in 2011. 

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL: “Barack Obama put a pause for six months on refugees coming from Iraq back in 2011.  I don't remember protesters and I don't remember lawsuits.  So I think the bigger question if this is a temporary pause, which is designed for us to improve and look at our vetting processes, and indeed temporary, I don't necessarily think that's an outrageous idea.”

Here in America we have had our share of migrant terror.

All 19 Muslim killers on 9-11 walked on in here.

So did the Boston Marathon murderers, Muslims from Central Asia.

One of the San Bernardino killers was from Pakistan.

The Orlando mass murderer came from an immigrant family, as did the terrorist who attacked a mall in Minnesota.

So it is certainly responsible and logical for a new president to institute updated protections for this country by ordering specific temporary immigration actions.

Is it not?

However, it is also responsible for a federal judge to order that foreigners with the proper credentials already issued not be punished. 

There should be room for case-by-case decision making as Republican Senators McCain and Graham have requested. 

If Muslims from terror areas have helped the USA, they should be given waivers.

In addition, it would be wise for the Trump administration to develop a strong outreach to the Muslim world.  We need their support to defeat the jihad.

In the past, Talking Points has proposed that NATO troops setup safe zones for innocent people threatened in places like Syria.

Right now Turkey is overseeing many refugee camps.

Led by America NATO should assist Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and other countries willing to protect people at risk.

Summing up, President Trump is being responsible, setting up new refugee standards as long as they are fully explained and expedited in a timely manner. 

We don't want to tarnish the message the Statue of Liberty sends.

Also, the administration must be willing to grant exceptions and above all should help refugees survive in the terror zones abroad.

Protecting Americans is priority number one.

But the nobility of our nation demands we help suffering helpless people if we can.

And that's the memo.

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