Extremely Disturbing
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 26, 2022
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Extremely Disturbing

(San Francisco) The most powerful cleric in Northern California is a marked man. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is not backing down from denying Nancy Pelosi the Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion. And not only that, the Archbishop has publicly said that Mrs. Pelosi is in danger of "losing her soul," which is what eternal damnation is.

Of course, some in the secular city by the Bay see the Catholic Church as evil, not Nancy Pelosi. In many quarters, the Church is mocked and scorned by people who worship at the altar of "reproductive rights." To them, killing the unborn is a public service.

A woman named Susan wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle stating this:

"An abortion is not just about controlling our own bodies, it's also about protecting the physical, emotional, and the intellectual life of the mother. The one too young to raise a child... the one who can't afford a bigger family."

No mention of adoption by Susan. If you don't want it, get rid of it, and don't let a pregnancy interfere with "intellectual life."

It seems harsh. Babies are precious. In Catholic theology, they are cherished from conception by God. Therefore, interfering with a pregnancy is not allowed.

But the United States Constitution forbids the imposition of religious beliefs. And abortion is legal in this country. However, some states want to impose limitations.

Nancy Pelosi opposes all restrictions. She wants abortion on demand for any reason, all the way up to birthing. That is an extreme position and difficult to defend if you are a practicing Catholic. This is not about rape, incest, or catastrophic health damage to the mother. Those are valid protections for women in the eyes of the state. What Mrs. Pelosi advocates is no consideration for the unborn whatsoever.

President Biden is in the same circumstance. But his Bishop, Wilton Gregory, stands silent.

For decades, Nancy Pelosi was not sanctioned by the Church because she accepted civil law, which is permissible. But over the years, Pelosi has become an enthusiastic abortion advocate, even supporting the use of tax dollars to destroy the unborn.

She must know that violates the consciences of her fellow Catholics, at least many of them. Nancy does not seem to care much about that.

So what is Archbishop Cordileone supposed to do in the face of abortion zealotry? Nothing? Many Catholic clerics are afraid to advocate on behalf of the unborn. They know they will be attacked in vile ways if they do. They understand the media will viciously demonize them.

But the Archbishop of this very troubled city has now made a stand, and the stones are predictably flying. Eventually, God will sort this out as life is short - especially for the aborted fetus.

In the end, I believe Salvatore Cordileone will be honored. In a much more important place than San Francisco.

As for Nancy Pelosi, it is not for flawed human beings to spiritually judge her even though she supports the executioner. Above our pay grade, as the cliche goes.

The Archbishop did his job. The rest of us should pray for all involved.