FNC's Town Hall with President Trump
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 25, 2020
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Some hate-Trump media people are accusing Fox News of going easy on the President yesterday in a Rose Garden Q and A.  A few points: the broadcast was informational; a direct attempt to get facts and presidential perspective to viewers. It was not designed to be an interrogation.
That’s because Fox News requested cooperation from the White House and used federal facilities for its broadcast.  The rules of engagement, therefore, are different than a straight news presentation.
In my entire career, I have never participated in that kind of arrangement.  My interviews were always “everything on the table” situations.  I was not comfortable with a casual chat.  
But, and this is important, there’s nothing wrong with information gathering without confrontation.  However, the audience has to know what’s going on. And it should have. FNC took questions from viewers and billed the exposition as a “Town Hall.”
Trump haters despise anything that does not harm the President and that’s what we are seeing here.  The show, in fact, did make some news with Mr. Trump saying he wants business as usual by Easter.
Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll provide some personal perspective on the contagion.  Also, I’d like to welcome our thousands of new subscribers.  You will get the most incisive plague coverage here. Very important for your life.
See you at 7.
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