Failures of the Left
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 26, 2022
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Democrats across the country are facing a tough decision on November 8. Either vote against their own party, which has failed them on the economy, crime, and border security - to name just three important issues - or vote for candidates who are hurting them.

Let's take Governor Kathy Hochul in New York.  Under her administration, violent crimes are up significantly across the state.  In the New York City subway system, felonies have increased 40 percent so far this year.  While Hochul fiddles, crime casualties are brutal.

And what has the Governor done about it? Nothing.  Nada, in español.

Hochul doesn't even talk a good game. She wails, "we have to get guns off the streets."  Not gun criminals, mind you, just the hardware.

Stop, and frisk is the only police tactic that will get guns off the streets.  Hochul opposes that.

And if you point that out to the Governor, you're likely to be branded a racist.

Hochul and other democrats love to brand their opponents "extremists."

But I think it is extreme to fail to confront death and mayhem driven by criminals.

I think that's very extreme.

So are you an extremist?  If so, the democrats are your party.

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