Fair Play
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 17, 2023
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Here's my problem. Somehow as a child, I began to believe that fairness was important, so I challenged what I thought was unfair.

Bad things followed.

The nuns who taught me in St. Brigid's school were overwhelmed by having 60 restless urchins staring at them every day, and crowd control, not fair play, prevailed.

That set up a confrontation between me and the Sister Mary's.

I lost.

In high school, the rich kids dominated, and the working class students like me were expected to accept that. I fought that concept to a draw and earned some respect in the process.

College was no problem. Mostly down market, but honest guys attended Marist, and we treated each other with a crude respect. Today, Marist College is woke, which means it's essentially unfair and can be treacherous if you're not on the leftist team.

Forget about my broadcasting career. Fairness has long been extinct in that industry, just like in the political world.

Many Americans are upset because no powerful person will be held responsible for the Russian-Collusion fraud. That's not fair, they say.

And they are correct; it's not fair.

But it's life in the USA.

See you later for the No Spin News.