Fascist Times at the University of Michigan
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 18, 2019
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Fascist Times at the University of Michigan
Imagine donating $378 million dollars to a college and then have some alumni demand the school sever ties with you.  Well, that’s exactly what happened to businessman Stephen Ross after he held a fundraiser for President Trump.
Ross is a billionaire seven times over.  He owns the Miami Dolphins and the stadium where the team plays.  He made his money in real estate and investments.  Stephen Ross is obviously a rock solid capitalist who believes Mr. Trump’s economic vision is more in line with his than, say, Elizabeth Warren.
Enter Kumar Rao, a Michigan grad and hard left guy.  Rao is senior counsel for a group called “Center for Popular Democracy,” an organization devoted to destroying political opponents.  Funded by fanatics like George Soros, the CPD is “pro-immigrant,” attached to teachers unions, and promotes “social justice.”
Rao got some U. of Michigan alumni to sign a defamatory letter that stated: “We ask that the University remove Ross’ name from campus buildings and signage ...
“Simply stated, supporting Donald Trump’s predisposition and commitment to white supremacy, xenophobia, corruption, and clinical ignorance is flatly inconsistent with the values and legacy of the University of Michigan.”
After receiving the letter, administrators at U of M essentially told Rao and his fellow fascists to stuff it.  “We don’t exclude or include people from our university community based on their political views,” a spokesman said.
How refreshing.
I sincerely hope most folks associated with U of M and Americans in general understand just how dangerous the attempt to punish Stephen Ross really is.  The attacker Rao and his cohorts are clearly saying that citizens who support President Trump must be harmed.  There’s no other way to read their demand letter.
That’s what happens in totalitarian countries.  Rao is imitating Mao.  Is he not?
Once again the deep villain George Soros is up to his neck in this.  His Open Society Foundation donates to Rao’s crew.
We are, indeed, living in turbulent times where political differences are no longer accepted.  Today, it’s hurt your opponents any way you can.  

The strategy is up close and personal and there is big money behind it.
The University of Michigan did the right thing. Many other schools have not.  Fascism is on the march in the USA.  And it’s likely coming to a theatre near you.