George Soros' Democratic Party
By: Bill O'Reilly201November 4, 2022
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Most Americans have no clue, but billionaire progressive George Soros is on every ballot in every state. Soros, the architect of open borders and no punishment even for violent criminals, has donated more than $128 million to far-left candidates this election cycle.

You will never hear, "I'm Georgie, and I approved this message." Soros operates in the darkness pumping money into political action committees that can finance TV ads everywhere. It is not an understatement to say that shadowy George has bought the Democratic Party.

But why? What does this guy really want?

A new America, that's what he wants.

Like other hardcore progressives, he believes his adoptive country is evil, a place that seeks to oppress blacks, Jews, and other minorities. George Soros wants to tear the house down.

I have never heard a democrat politician criticize Soros. No matter how destructive his goals are, they stand mute.

And that's just one more reason to vote against the democrats on Tuesday.

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