Giuliani vs. Obama
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 23, 2015
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As you may know last Wednesday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani questioned whether President Obama loves America.

In the mayor's opinion, he does not.

That has ignited a firestorm, but the mayor is not backing down.

He points to the president's background.

RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: “I'm talking about a man who grew up under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis who was a member of the communist party who he refers to over and over in his book, who was a tremendous critic of the United States.  This is a man who worked on Saul Alinsky who was a tremendous critic of the United States. I believe his initial approach is to criticize this country and then afterwards to say a few nice things about us.”

Mr. Giuliani saying in the last sentence that President Obama's tendency is to run down the USA and then offer a tepid endorsement at the end of the criticism.

Now, no one can know what is in the heart of any individual.

But let's look at the two men, both of whom I know.

Rudy Giuliani was deeply affected by the attack on 9/11.  Day after day after day he had to console the families of those who were killed.

That ordeal has redefined Mr. Giuliani.

He takes terrorism very personally.

You might say the mayor was a casualty of the terror attack because he experienced so much pain.

Put yourself in the mayor's position.  You don't have a minute without someone in deep anguish asking you for help.

Rudy Giuliani did a tremendous job leading this city in perhaps its worst crisis ever.

Thus, Mr. Giuliani despises the terror killers who murdered all those innocent people.

So if you are not aggressively fighting those savages, Rudy Giuliani does not approve of you.

Therefore his opinion of President Obama is negative.

On the president's side, he is not deeply emotional about fighting terrorism.

We saw that hours after condemning the beheading of journalist James Foley, the president took to the golf course.

That was a mistake and Rudy Giuliani certainly noticed it.

Barack Obama is a man who lives in his head.  He is largely unemotional.

Rudy Giuliani is the opposite, he takes wrong-doing very personally.

So you can see that these two men have a drastically different view of life.

Talking Points believes President Obama does love his country.  It has certainly been kind to him.

I've had conversations with him about helping wounded vets and American history, and I don't doubt his patriotism.

But if Barack Obama were here today on this set, I would tell him that he needs to stop equivocating about terrorism.

On his watch ISIS has grown from a nothing organization to a powerful terror threat.

That's not a good thing to have on your resume.

So right now the president needs to begin taking ISIS and the other jihadists somewhat personally, the way Giuliani does.

He needs to step it up in a smart way and realize his theoretical strategy is no longer effective.

That doesn't mean dropping U.S. forces on the ground all over the place, but it does mean devoting most of your time, Mr. President, to this clear and present danger.

If Barack Obama would do that, would take a leadership role in defeating the jihadists, Mayor Giuliani and other critics would begin to support him.

I firmly believe that.

And one more thing, those haters who call Rudy Giuliani a racist are despicable.

As mayor of New York City, Mr. Giuliani saved thousands of black lives by devoting much of his time to making poor neighborhoods safer.

That's what he did.

He took crime and murder in the black precincts personally.

And he succeeded in making those neighborhoods safer.

And that's the memo.


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