Goodbye Meat Loaf
By: StaffJanuary 21, 2022
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This morning, singer and actor Meat Loaf became the latest addition to the sad list of iconic celebrities lost in 2022. 

Many media outlets are highlighting his accomplishments, noting his milestones in music and film. But some media outlets have decided to use Meat Loaf's passing as a Covid lesson as it's speculated that the virus was the cause of the 74-year-old singer's death.
Last year Meat Loaf voiced his frustrations with mandates, expressed pandemic fatigue, and vowed to live his life despite the risks of the virus. 
In other words, Meat Loaf was a human trying to deal with the current state of the world.
The fact is no one knows the "Bat Out of Hell" singer's vaccination status, not yet.
So it's a shame that some questionable media would take his life's accomplishments and try to paint him as only a cautionary tale when he accomplished so much.

R.I.P Meat Loaf