Greg Gutfeld: The bombshell revelations about our government spying on us
By: StaffJune 10, 2013
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By Greg Gutfeld

So if someone asked you do you wish 9/11 never happened, you obviously would say yes. If you were then to ask "do you wish there had been a system to catch those terrorists before they attacked," yes to that, too which is why the NSA data scoop is a tricky thing.

If that program had existed 12 years ago, 9/11 might have been stopped. But that's the problem with proving a negative. If you prevent a terror attack, how do people know the benefit of that? It hurts my brain just thinking about it.

But the White House claims this mass grab of phone records did stop one attack, which makes you wonder if a security program like this wasn't present and that attack hit, would we now clamor for one?

So the question really is do you forfeit the ability to find a needle in a haystack, if you live in that hay stack? Well sadly whatever this snooping amounts to, it didn't stop the Boston bombing or Fort Hood, the strangest case of work place violence ever. Sorry. If Fort Hood is work place violence then the Hindenburg was an air show.

But Fort Hood did happen, not because of lack of intel but lack of will we were scared to call terror what terror is for fear of appearing bigoted and that opened the door to the devil. So it's not about surveillance really but an administration who cannot use it properly.

Sorry I just can't trust a progressive government given their nature to defend America's critics rather than our own values. If America were a car, the left would root for rust.

And we can't feel too safe when one arm of the government, the IRS is already targeting decent Americans. Seriously, we've had the DOJ, the IRS and now the NSA. Any more scandals and we need to move on to the Greek alphabet.

And that's "The Memo."

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