Greg Gutfeld: Watching us
By: StaffJanuary 20, 2014
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By Greg Gutfeld

Watching us, that's the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo. President Obama has announced changes to the NSA and I hope they're all for show. Call me a fan of better safe than sorry, but as long as there's evidence that the NSA could have prevented 911. Why trash it because some media screamers find common cause against modern security? And if you disagree with me, that doesn't mean I'm against the Constitution so spare me.

When our own intelligence wants Snowden dead -- that tells you that Snowden hurt us bad. He's a creep. The fact is data mining is a must in this new world. The NSA should not be a political play thing, it works for no party, it works for you and me which is why I ignore the screechiest voices in the room. They may want the NSA to go away but they have no alternative. Instead they pretend that spying on foreigners is shocking and that mining numbers infringes on rights.

Many are to use a historical term, useful idiots, pawns that ignorantly join up with the enemies. The leftists behind the NSA attacks are against all anti-terror measures since 911, which is why after every single terror plot they cast our fear as Islamophobia.

This parallels the 20th century smear of anti-communism as worse than communism. Back then the reds had useful idiots too. The Ronald Reagan ignored such children. Let's do the same here.

And that's the memo.

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