Happy New Year! Two Big Stories Brewing for 2018
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 1, 2018
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Hope the new year will be prosperous for you.  If you are inclined to look ahead, there are two big stories brewing.
First, the American media will continue to try and negate Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.  This is by design.  Most press chieftains despise everything about the President and their viewpoints are well known among their employees.  Thus, negative stories about Mr. Trump will continue while positive stories will be suppressed.  How much coverage did we see about the ISIS defeats in Iraq and Syria?  Defense Secretary Mattis was the architect of that campaign but few Americans know it because it reflected well on the Trump administration.  Therefore the media largely ignored a very important situation.
That is why accessing this news analysis website in 2018 is so important. We will report the truth without an agenda.
The second vital story this upcoming year is the payment and other compensation to women in order to smear the President and others.  Vile attorney Lisa Bloom has admitted receiving big money from the likes of fanatical far left smear merchant David Brock in her quest to defame Donald Trump before the election.  Bloom was also involved in attacking me.
The FBI and IRS should be investigating Bloom, Brock and others.  Will they?  President Trump, for his own sake, should order it.  That’s the real attempted subversion of the 2016 election - secret money being offered for defamatory testimony.  The allegations are staggering.
Thank you for visiting us on the first day of 2018.  We hope you will become Premium Members on this website and access important information every day of the year.  You will not find a more honest forum.
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