Hate Masquerading as Virtue
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 8, 2019
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Hate Masquerading as Virtue
If you want a vivid example of political hatred, look no further than the May 6 editorial on Tiger Woods in the reliably left Baltimore Sun.  On that day, Mr. Woods received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump, a great honor.
But that’s not how the Sun sees it.
The paper attacks Tiger Woods for associating with the President saying: “A growing list of athletes have declined invitations from President Donald Trump to visit the White House as a stance against his racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric.  Sadly, Tiger Woods isn’t one of them ...
“Is Mr. Woods oblivious, or does he just not care that the president regularly demonizes minorities and emboldens those who hate?”
Well that last bit may be true.  The President certainly has emboldened the Baltimore Sun which obviously hates Mr. Trump.
But the rest of the editorial is brutally unfair and almost hysterical in its outrage.
President Trump “regularly demonizes minorities?”  How? By saying he’d like border security?  
I am writing a history book about Donald Trump and have not found a pattern of minority denigration.  My guess is the Sun people are going back to Charlottesville and the birther thing.  The editorial staff is, of course, entitled to an anti-Trump opinion but calling the President a racist is cheap.  
Insulting Tiger Woods for his choice to accept the Medal of Freedom is even worse especially because his skin color is highlighted by the paper.
The Baltimore Sun is doing exactly the same thing Hillary Clinton did when she called Trump supporters “deplorables.”  You are a deficient person if you associate with the President, according to the paper.  Especially if your skin is dark.
This kind of demonization is often used in totalitarian countries but it is unusual in America.  Although Abraham Lincoln was cursed as a lover of blacks (much harsher terms were used), our political heritage largely stayed away from calling politicians vile names.  And racist is the most vile label.
The Baltimore Sun has largely endorsed policies and politicians who have just about ruined that city.  The latest mayor resigned over corruption charges a few days ago.
The terrible governance supported by the Sun has badly damaged poor people in the inner city.  Is that racist?  Might be.
The newspaper’s circulation has sunk to about 130,000 daily so it will soon be out of business, at least in print.  But before it disappears into oblivion - expect more “virtue-signaling” from this crew.
Yes, the very noble Baltimore Sun has no problem trashing Tiger Woods because he might not see the President as “racist.”  Mr. Woods, you see, is not entitled to visit the White House or accept a personal honor.
Nope, Tiger Woods must bend to the Baltimore Sun’s smear.  Or else, be smeared himself.