Hating the Press
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 5, 2018
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Hating the Press

Writing for The Atlantic, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd delivers an interesting opinion - it isn’t Donald Trump who is most responsible for demonizing the American media.  No, it began in 1996 when Roger Ailes opened Fox News up for public consumption.

I must say I was engaged in reading the piece since I was there when FNC began and saw the evolution of the network up close and personal.  My take is that Chuck Todd is so wrong there isn’t an adjective in the world to describe it.

Now, I don’t know Mr. Todd at all.  He never invited me on MTP as his predecessor the late Tim Russert had done.  In fact, Mr. Russert and Roger Ailes were friends.  In my conversations with Tim, he seemed amused that Fox News was going against the obvious liberal bent of the national press which was widely acknowledged in private conversations.

But I do know something about Chuck Todd and that is that he and his wife are social friends with many Democrats.  In 2015, they hosted a dinner party for Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton’s former communications director.  On the guest list was John Podesta, Secretary Clinton’s campaign chairman. 

Kristian Denny Todd is a longtime worker for Democratic officials and also donates money to the party.  Chuck Todd worked on the presidential campaign of Democratic Senator Tom Harkin.

There is nothing wrong with any of that but it shades Todd’s analysis of what is the real problem with the American media.  Todd opines that Roger Ailes was heavily invested in harming perceived liberal scribes.  The truth is that Ailes saw a business opportunity because the media just about ignored half the country by promoting liberal ideology in its presentations.

Yes, that personally offended the conservative Ailes but, generally speaking, media people were unimportant to his business plan.  He saw moguls like the uber-liberal Ted Turner, creator of CNN, as foolish not dangerous.  He devised a way to defeat them by putting on more interesting programs that included, sometimes heavily, a conservative point of view.

Chuck Todd makes the assertion that Ailes was really behind the rise of Donald Trump.  That’s more baloney than even Subway could sell.  When Mr. Trump began his campaign, Ailes, an astute political observer, was not on board at all.  He wanted a more disciplined opponent to Hillary Clinton, whom he believed stood for nothing.

In the Trump-Megyn Kelly controversy, Roger Ailes openly supported Ms. Kelly, an impossibility if he was colluding in thought with Donald Trump.

What is also striking about Chuck Todd’s media analysis is that he, himself, works on the most biased news operation in American history: MSNBC.  Yet, Todd ignores that fact entirely while lambasting Fox News for commentary he considers inflammatory.  Maybe Chuck Todd might want to dial in his own operation from time to time.

Mr. Todd concludes his column by asking the press to “fight back” against attacks against it.  He is convinced the American media is righteous in its search for the truth and the “facts.”

To me, this is pure delusion when more than 90 percent of network news coverage is negative towards President Trump.  That’s a fact, Chuck.

I believe that if an employee of The New York Times or NBC News wears  a “Make America Great Again” hat to work that would be a career killer.  I believe that most national journalists print and broadcast anti-Trump stuff from anonymous sources without verifying anything.

I believe that the vast majority of New York and DC based media lean left.  I believe there is no will to find the “truth” if it goes against corporate or personal ideology.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Not likely, though.

Finally, it is a good thing that Chuck Todd wrote his media call to arms article. It gave me a chance to rebut using on the record, eye-witness information.  

Maybe it will become a trend.

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