Help Is Not On The Way
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 10, 2022
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Call him Joey Houdini, an escape artist par excellence.  The President of the United States should have been vividly repudiated in the midterm vote just like his former boss President Obama was in 2010.

Biden's party lost but small.  The "red wave" was mostly food coloring.  With everything going wrong in America, that fictional wave should have drenched the White House.

But no.

Yesterday, Joey Houdini answered a few press questions as his wife sat ten feet away.  The President looked relaxed and said words, but I can't remember much - something about working with Republicans who are trying to destroy democracy. 

Joe Biden has no idea why he wasn't hammered by voter unhappiness.  He's just thrilled to screw up another day.

Two things worked for the Democrats who were helpless on policy: first, the election "denier" thing.  And second, abortion.

Those items overshadowed inflation, violent crime, and border chaos in the minds of millions of voters.

Almost impossible to believe, but it's true.

So, we the people will have to endure more incompetence from the escape artist who believes he's doing a heckuva job.

And know this, Biden supporters: help is not on the way.

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