He's Still the Avenger
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 20, 2019
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He's Still the Avenger
The crowd in Dallas on Thursday apparently did not care about impeachment, or Syria, or the latest negative dispatch from CNN. No, about 30,000 folks showed up to hear Donald Trump give a 90 minute speech at The American Airlines Arena and what they wanted was action.

The President loves these rallies, you might say he lives for them.  The mass adulation makes it all worth while.  And, as his adrenaline flows, he gives the crowd what it wants.

Vengeance.  Verbal action.

Beto O’Rourke is described as “very dumb.”  Joe Biden is corrupt.  The democrats are influenced by “loons,” a word the President borrowed from me. “Pocahontas” Warren doesn’t stand a chance against him!

The avenger has spoken.

If you read “The United States of Trump,” you will learn what Donald Trump knows very well: negative emotion is a powerful weapon.  And nobody has a bigger arsenal than the President.

The press tries to match him in vitriol but cannot because Mr. Trump is such a good performer, such a bombastic soul, that the vicious guttersnipes in the media can’t compete, as hard as they try.

And Donald Trump’s supporters feel he is justified in lambasting his political opponents, including the press, because those entities not only attack the President, but also demean those who voted for him.  So, the Trump people want payback and their leader is more than happy to provide it.

There is no question that the hatred towards Donald Trump has inoculated him from nonstop charges of incompetence and misbehavior.  The “outrage du jour” has grown tiresome even as the President’s unforced errors mount.

The truth is that many Americans don’t care about the phone call to the President of Ukraine.  It’s not important to them and certainly not enough to remove an elected president no matter what his intent.

Same thing with Syria.  And North Korea.  And using his Miami hotel for a summit meeting.

What Trump supporters do care about is the ability to protect themselves with firearms, stopping massive illegal immigration, having options in the job market, and defining America as a noble nation.

Trump people despise socialism, free loaders, politically correct virtue-thumpers, grievance peddlers, and arrogant far-left celebrities.

They believe they live in the best country on the planet and that Bernie Sanders’ revolution is an insane vision that has more in common with Havana than Houston.

Traditional folks are fed up with liberal zealots who deny Americans due process, and think the government has a right to seize private property in order to provide free health care not only to Americans, but to illegal aliens as well.

Faced with all that, Donald Trump has more material than Don Rickles at a Hollywood awards show.  The President has an applause line every 30 seconds. Who needs speech writers when a clown like Beto is center stage?

The avenger and the folks both know that when he comes to town, rhetorical scores will be settled.

And to them, that’s the way it should be.