Honoring Due Process
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 5, 2022
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Sometimes being a decent human being is demanding.  It requires discipline and courage.  It's challenging to say the least.

If Herschel Walker wins his senate race in Georgia, the Republicans will likely control Congress completely. So, the knives are out for Mr. Walker.

A leftist website is reporting that the former football player paid a woman to abort his child.  Walker denied it on the Sean Hannity program.  And we are supposed to be a nation that believes in due process.  That means Herschel Walker is innocent until proven guilty.

But the media and millions of partisan Americans do not honor due process.  Thus, there is hysteria.

If Walker did not pay for the abortion, he should sue The Daily Beast immediately.

If he did, he should admit it.  Period.  He should try to regain decent human being status.  He's a Christian. The doctrine is built around forgiveness.  But if guilty, I would not vote for Herschel Walker.

I very much hope he's innocent, as all decent people should.  We'll see.

And we will see you tonight for the No Spin News.

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