House Approves Rules for Impeachment Probe; Whistleblower Identity Revealed
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 31, 2019
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Hey, Premium Members. Welcome to the No Spin News. Thursday, October 31st, Halloween, 2019. Take your Country Back. Fight for Your Freedom and boo. 

So we have a very important program for you and I hope you will listen closely. Do you want to take some notes? I mean, I know a lot of you are very, very concerned about your country and about impeachment and about all of that. So what I'm going to give you is rock solid information tonight, unlike everybody else. All right, who will speculate and ill mislead you and all of that. 

Impeachment vote in the House to continue the inquiry and define it for the public. 232 for. 196 against. Two Democrats voted against, Congressman Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey andCongressman Collin Peterson from Minnesota. All of the Republican Congress people voted against continuing the impeachment inquiry. All of them. Very important because that gives the senators in, the Republican senators cover to dismiss this, if it ever gets to the Senate, which it might, but it might not. 

Unless there is anything new, new facts, new actions of the president we didn't know about, there is no impeachable crime here or misdemeanor or whatever. There is nothing here. Now, something might come forward in these hearings or  outside the hearings, and we would have to, as honest Americans consider that. But as it stands now, every single Congress person on the Republican side voted against this. The senators note that. So even a Mitt Romney who despises Donald Trump and Lisa Murkowski, who's not on board with the Trump administration at all, even they have to go, you know, there's not a lot of drive in the Republican Party for this. Very, very, very important. 


So going forward, what's going to happen is the public will see the impeachment proceedings, they will see it. OK. There'll be cameras in there. Only two people are going to star in this outside of the witnesses. Adam Schiff, the fanatical zealot on the Democrat side, who is the chairman of the Intelligence Committee and the minority ranking member of that committee, Devin Nunes. Yes. They will do most of the questioning. They will do most of the statements. Now, Nunes is smarter than Schiff, and I don't say that out of any rank or, I don't like Schiff, but I don't say, he's a smarter guy. He's more incisive. He's a better speaker. So advantage Republicans, and Nunez doesn't brook any nonsense. Nunes knows from the very beginning that Trump was unfairly accused of Russian collusion and all his other business. He has a very strong frame of reference, Devin Nunez. So I'm giving the advantage to Nunes in this public forum. 


The other Congress people on the committee, the Intelligence Committee, that doesn't seem to me like they're gonna have a lot of...a lot of camera time here, but we'll see. All right. Now the Judiciary Committee, that's Nadler. They are on to the side now. Now they... can request certain things. You might see some witnesses go over there, but it's primarily the Intelligence Committee. All right. So once again, recapping, a resolution to continue impeachment proceedings, 232 to 196. No Republicans voted for it. Two Democrats defected. Adam Schiff against Devin Nunes in the public proceedings. 


OK, whistleblower. Now, from the very beginning, I reported that this whistleblower was suspect. This is the guy who started all of this impeachment business. We now know who he is, alright, and that's thanks to RealClearPolitics, the website, RealClearPolitics. I'm going to name him because this is a very important story for all Americans. Eric Ciaramella, 33 years old, CIA officer specializing in Russia and Ukraine. Graduate of Yale. Currently works at Langley, Virginia, for the CIA. Eric Ciaramella, alright, was a very close associate of John Brennan, the CIA director, National Security Council. I'm sorry, John Brennan, CIA director under Obama. All right? 


Now, Brennan is under investigation by the Justice Department. This gets even murkier now. But I want to be careful. Ciaramella was assigned to the National Security Council by John Brennan. Very unusual for 33 year old to be there. There, he worked under Susan Rice, President Obama's national security adviser. So he's deeply embedded in the Obama administration, is Eric. He is a young guy. 


Now, once President Obama left office, Ciaramella stayed in the White House, as a member of the national security team, he stayed there. Why he wasn't swept out, I have no idea. All right, and then he was accused of leaking bad stuff about President Trump and I believe he did it because I think this whole thing's a setup. In addition to that, Ciaramella has two very close friends in Adam Schiff's office, where he went to figure out how to file his whistleblower complaint, that started the whole impeachment thing. Getting the picture here? 


Now, this just knocks this guy's credibility right out the window, which is why you haven't heard anything about him in two weeks. Which you'll probably never see him in front of the House Intelligence Committee, because this is a resistance guy. I mean, this is bad, you know how bad this is? Now, Schiff himself, could be a major trouble, because Schiff set this up. I'm not 100% sure of this. 100% sure that Schiff set this whole thing up. OK, that is the most important story of the day. 


John Bolton is set testify in private on November 7th. He is going to, I guess, go to the Intelligence Committee, maybe some other committees, and they're going to ask him about Ukraine. Now, I know Ambassador Bolton a little bit. I'd never used him when I was doing The O'Reilly Factor, I never used him because he was too far right for me, in the sense that I didn't mind his ideology, if he wants to be far right, that's his opinion and I respect it. I would never get anything other than talking points that the ambassador himself came up with, but it wasn't a discussion, so I never used him. 


When he went to the White House, I didn't think that was a good fit with John Bolton and Donald Trump. Remember, Donald Trump's not an ideologue. All right. John Bolton is. John Bolton has a sincere belief system, and I use the word sincere, that the country should be run in a conservative way, Trump doesn't do that. So, I didn't think that these two were going to mesh, and they didn't, and Bolton was asked to leave. 


Now, how mad is Bolton? I don't know. Bolton can hurt Trump, big time. He could. Now, will he and destroy his own party? I don't know, but if I'm Ambassador Bolton, if you go in and you rip up the President of the United States and the Republican candidate for president, you're pretty much helping an organization that you despise, a liberal organization. So, I don't know what what Bolton's going to do. 


The counter point to Bolton is Secretary of State Pompeo, who has been very clear in saying that he was on the phone call to Ukraine, that, quote, "the call was in line with the policies of the Trump administration". Now that's double talk from Secretary of State Pompeo, but he is basically saying, look, this is the way we see it, that there was corruption in 2016 election, some of that corruption could have come out of Ukraine. So the president had the right to ask the president of Ukraine to cooperate in an investigation, whether it dealt with Joe Biden or not. That's basically what Pompeo is saying. 


Pompeo is a strong presence, remember he is former head of the CIA. He knows all about Brennan and all about the shenanigans that took place in the transition from Obama to Trump, Pompeo knows all that. So, even if Bolton goes in and... President Trump, Bolton will be up against Pompeo. So, the president is  not totally defenseless, but Bolton could hurt him. 


Let's get to polling now. Remember, I'll say this and I hope I'm not boring you, but the polls are not reliable on anything. So I'm just gonna give you another example. USA Today, which is going out of business as a print concern, puts out a poll. It only surveys three hundred and ninety nine likely Democratic primary voters, 399, that's nothing. All right. It finds that 26 support Biden, 17 Warren. So the headline is Warren is surging, blah, blah, blah. That was yesterday, two days earlier, CNN puts out a poll thats got 34 percent supporting Joe Biden. So USA Today has got 26. CNN has got 34. CNN talked to 1003 people, 1003 people. OK. Mostly on cell phones, which is...I don't know. 30 percent Democrats, whatever. 


So, my assessment is this, Biden's still out in front by about six or seven points over Warren. Okay? Biden is shaky. Shaky, but those who don't want socialism in the Democratic Party, and most Democrats don't want socialism, they're still hanging with Biden. If there was a plebiscite, not a plebiscite, if there was an election today between Biden and Warren, just Democrats vote, Biden would win, I think, nationwide. 


Kamala Harris, who, you know, I don't have much respect for because of her awful presentation during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, where she convicted Kavanaugh based on nothing. For a law enforcement officer, because remember, Kamala Harris was the attorney general, California, to do that was just beyond the pale. Once I saw that, she was eliminated in my world, as a honest broker of anything. You just can't do that, and she did it. 


So she had a lot going for her when she first started to run and then she took Biden down on, that Biden wasn't sensitive enough about race and he voted against busing and blah, blah, blah. You remember that? Well, now her campaign, Kamala Harris, her campaign is falling apart and she has restructured her campaign. Her national headquarters are in Baltimore, interesting, but she's cutting back and she's not hiring and she's not raising any money. Last quarter, she raised eleven point eight million, spent 14.6, you can't do that. Who's going to make that up? She's not going to make it up. So she raised 11.8, spends 14.6, that means she's got to pay. Somebody's got to pay that debt. It's hotels, planes, food, salaries for staff. Who's going to pay it? 


She is nowhere, four or five percent in the polls. The reason is, and she's got the resumé in the sense that woman of color and she says, well, yesterday we reported, oh, now I'm not doing well because Americans don't want to vote for somebody they never had in that position before. What are you, crazy? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. All right. Barack Obama was president for two terms, so come on. You're a bad campaigner. Nobody knows what you're talking about. That's why you're not doing well. So she's gone. Say goodbye to here. Still a vice presidential possibility, I doubt it now, but that's that. 


Katy Perry, I met her one time. She was very nice. Very nice when I met her and nice conversation with her. So she takes a picture a couple of years ago, or somebody takes her picture dressed up like Hillary Clinton for Halloween. All right. So she puts the picture on her Instagram and now she's getting sued for one hundred fifty thousand dollars by the people that took the picture. Happy Halloween, Katy. So they took the picture, she got the picture, put it on Instagram, now they want a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This is the country in which we live. Sue anybody, get money, money, I want money. Leave her alone. 


Halloween is here. All right. Now, Halloween is a good story, and as I told you, I'm giving first rate candy to the urchins that come trick or treating here, but I'm also giving them an, impeach the media bumper sticker, which we have on, I just, the faces are gonna be just great. Now, here's your Snickers and here's the Impeach the Media bumper sticker. Give this to mom and dad. Tell them to put it on the Volkswagen. 


Alright, Hallowen, goes all the way back to Ireland. A lot of good things go back to Ireland, right? So is a Celtic festival of Samhain, spelled samhain, that's Gaelic, all right. Samhain, that was the festival way, way back thousands of years ago. OK. So the Celts had this festival to mark the end of summer in Ireland, alright, and the beginning of the cold, dark winter. A time that was associated with death, because Ireland, if you look at the map, is very far north. Not a lot of daylight in winter and it's rainy and and the Grim Reaper. So, they had the festival, Samhain, and the Celts believe that on the night before the New Year started, November 1st, that the dead and the living would merge somehow. I don't know how that happens, maybe the dead guy discounts on Guinness in the pubs. I'm not quite sure how that went down. 


Anyway, on the night of October 31st, during Samhain, all right, it was believed that the dead returned to earth. To commemorate the events, druids, those with the pagan Irish priests, remembered Christianity didn't exist then. All right, they built big bonfires, all right, where people gathered to burn old crops and they even had animal sacrifices, not good, not good. So, this was going on and during the celebration, the Celts, who were doing all this with the bonfire, wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads, very nice, and they attempted to tell each other's fortunes, all aided by a little mead, a little. OK, so you get the picture, right? 


Now, that went on for a long time, but then it got formalized a little bit. So, in the ninth century, Pope Gregory the third, named November 1st, All Saints Day and the day before was the Eve of All Hallows. So, it got a little formal, but it still wasn't a Halloween. Then in America, alright, there was the colonial people who brought the Celtic traditions. Remember, most colonials were of Irish English descent, Scotch, Irish English and they brought this over here. The purtitans said no, no, no, we don't want any of that. No big bonfires with a little mead. You can't do it. They tamped it down. Puritans had no fun ever. 


By the middle of the 19th century, however, a surge of Irish came, a famine. That's when my people came over all right. They brought with them this celebration and Halloween started to be formed. OK, so then the money people figured out in America, as we always figure out. I think we can capitalize on this. I think we can get the urchins out there celebrating the night before the dead rule. Remember in Mexico, Day of the Dead, which is November 2nd, all Souls Day, that's a big deal. So then Halloween kind of got into it. 


Now there is a tradition in America of putting a candle in a pumpkin, called a jack o' lantern. That's because there was a story in Ireland that Jack, a guy named Jack, alright, made a deal with the devil and he had to go to purgatory to work the deal off. He couldn't find his way because it was so dark, so he put a candle in a turnip and all the people in Ireland used to run around, I guess with turnips, but we didn't have a lot of turnips here in the 18th century, but we had lots of pumpkins. So that's how that jack o' lantern lantern to see, Jack o' lantern. I bet you didn't know that. All right. That is worth the price of Concierge and Premium Membership. So happy Halloween. I'm going to take a break, come back with some mail and a Final Thought, and the Final Thought is on fun. All right. Roll it. 


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OK. Let's get to the mail. Shane on the message board says. 


"The president says he is innocent of any wrongdoing. The new norm for Washington is innocent until proven guilty doesn't exist. Now is your guilty, prove you're innocent. Can't make this stuff up.". 


The message of the day, Shane and I hope everybody read it. Message of the day is exactly that, great minds, right? Due process, innocent until proven guilty, gone, and the media is responsible. 


Dean Shillingford. Bowie, Maryland. 


"Bill, can you find out why the long standing rule that required first hand knowledge for whistleblowers was changed?". 


I'm trying. I'm trying. Very murky. It used to be, to be a whistleblower, you had to see it. Now you don't have to see it. You can use hearsay. I don't know who changed it. I'm trying to find out. 


Russ Amato. Pocatello, Idaho. 


"My wife and I have a question. Can you explain why wealthy Hollywood stars and corporate people would want a socialistic platform?". 


Because many of them feel guilty that they are wealthy and many of them want to be virtuous and noble and help the downtrodden and share the land, unless it's their land. So they're not let you in, if you they live in Beverly Hills, you go up and say, hey, you got a room I could use for a few days? No, security will remove you, but it's basically subliminal subconscious. I have a lot. I don't know if I deserve it, that kind of thing. That's my opinion. That's not a fact. It's my opinion. 


Rebecca. Concierge Member. Way to go, Rebecca. 


"Continue to nurture a leadership role and trying to lead people to your podcast. Bill, I tell them if they want honest, factual reporting, that's the place. None of us want to be lied to and with that thought, why not seek truth wherever you can find it? Where indeed do you even find it this day and age?". 


Rebecca, we need people like you to spread the word about, the United States of Trump and all our other enterprises. I thank you very much. 


Angela. Angela, my mother's name, Angela. 


"My mother, Helen, will be one hundred and five years old on November 7. Could you wish her a happy birthday?". 


I would be more than happy, Angela to wish Helen a happy one hundred and fifth birthday. Now, and Angela told me a little bit about her mom. It's amazing, she still lives in her own house, cooks her own meals, bakes her own bread. Wow. That's a ticket, don't give in to it, as you get older, don't surrender. 


Rick Phelps. West Lafayette, Ohio. 


"Been a premium member for years, have all your books. I am particularly fine of killing the Rising Sun and United States of Trump.". 


I'm glad you mentioned that, Rick. Killing The Rising Sun, out in paperback. Here it is. You will like it. Get that and the United States of Trump. That will keep you out of trouble for a couple of weeks. Thank you, Rick. 


John Fogerty, Cliffside Park, New York. 


"I thoroughly enjoy the United States of Trump. The book does give the reader a better understanding of the president. There is a method to his madness or chaos. I came away quite impressed with the president's father, Fred Trump. Quite a story.". 


Fred was an interesting guy. 


Carolyn Patterson, Mesa, Arizona. 


"Carolyn, I hope you come to my show. It's only two weeks, two weeks from Saturday I'll be in Mesa, Arizona. Couple hundred tickets left. Go to, we'll get them for you right over the box office. Anyway, Carolyn says... 


"You did a fine job on United States of Trump, couldn't turn the pages fast enough.". 


Thank you, Carol and you'll love the show. It's called Understanding Trump. I  take a lot of Q and A from the audience. Mesa, Arizona, November 15th, I believe Saturday evening, early Saturday. You will like it. 


James Cook. Sunny Side, New York. 


"God bless you, Bill, for all you do. Does Holly you have a Halloween costume?". 


Holly is trick or treating as a beagle. Holly hates beagles, so Holly is going as a beagle to mock that. OK, we got the Mesa thing, Huntington, Long Island, one hundred tickets left. Mesa VIP sold out, by the way. So get your regular tickets, not a big room, so you will be able to see me no problem. Huntington, we have some VIP, where you meet me, left, not many. Huntington is December. Good Christmas and Hanukkah gift. December 15th. 


Take another break and we'll be back with my Final Thought on fun. 


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OK, so today, Halloween is a fun day for the kids. You know, I'm you know, I'll watch, I'm going to watch the Fall of House of Usher on TCM tonight. I love those kind of old 50s and 60s horror movies. There's a Beach Boys song that everybody knows, a great song called Fun, Fun, Fun Till Daddy Takes the T Bird Away. Fun is very important and what I tell people to do and what I do myself is when I have my calendar, my monthly calendar, I build in days when I'm going to do something that I think is fun. Now, I'm a boring guy. I don't drink. I don't take drugs. I don't do any of that. All right. I don't carouse. I'm boring, but there are certain things I'd like to do. So even if it's reading a book or getting a massage or having dinner with friends, it's very important for you, for your mindset to have, I don't know, ten, maybe twelve things every month that you put on the that you look forward to. 

All right. Fun is really important. It's a stress buster lifts your immune system, as long as the fun isn't destructive or hurting someone else. That's the key. Goodnight, everybody else, have fun. Okay, but don't put anybody else at risk. So if you get blasted and get into a car, you can kill somebody. Fun is under emphasized in this country. All right. We don't hear people going, hey, have a blast. We don't do not do that anymore, and a lot of the fun is bad. A lot of the fun is, you know, destructive stuff. So have fun, put it on your calendar. We'll see you on Monday. 

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