How Americans are now consuming news and sports
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 14, 2017
There is a significant change occurring in the way Americans consume news and sports.  The powerful National Football League is losing viewers and fans.  Last night’s Monday Night football game was low-rated and team owners are furious that revenue is falling largely due to social justice on-field protests by some players.
On the news front, the three nightly network broadcasts yield very little influence anymore.  When CBS News appointed Jeff Glor it’s primary anchor, very few even took notice.  Walter Cronkite was a house hold name, most Americans do not know anything about Mr. Glor.
Cable news is largely partisan.  If you are seeking honest information, you will have to hunt for it.  There are some good reporters but they are overwhelmed by opinion guests who are often predictable and boring. With hours of air time to fill, cable news operations are flailing.
The result is that millions of folks are simply tuning out, going into cyberspace to secure information.  That benefits this website but divides Americans because truth is not the goal of many online operations.  Opinions are replacing hard facts in the national discourse.
Tonight on the No Spin Newscast here, we will give you the facts about the growing Fusion GPS scandal, Volvo insulting Sean Hannity, and what is likely to happen to Roy Moore.
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