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How can I download a digital file I ordered from The Store?

If you have purchased digital files from, including downloadable MP3s of Bill's books, you can download the file(s) from your Order Status page. Simply select the correct order number and click the "Download Product" link in your order, or right-click on the "Download Product" link and click "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As" in Firefox.

Once the download has completed, you will find it in the default "Save As" location specified by your browser, or the location you selected from the "Save As" window that appeared when the download began. If you know the name of the downloaded file, you can also search for the file on your computer.

If the zip file won't open or states it is corrupt, your download did not complete.

Please note the zip file will take time to download. If your ISP has a bad connection and times out before your download completes, please resume the download. We recommend you use Firefox as your web browser because it can resume downloads.

For further assistance with digital downloads, contact Customer Service.
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