How the Left Helps the Violent Gang MS-13
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 18, 2018
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How the Left Helps the Violent Gang MS-13
My local newspaper on Long Island, Newsday, is your typical center-left daily publication that is struggling to survive. Few working class Long Islanders buy into the paper’s politically correct posture, which is predictable and dull.
But there is one issue that Newsday cannot be PC about, and that is the influx of El Salvadoran gangsters into Long Island.  The vicious gang, MS-13, has established a foothold here with an estimated 2,000 members causing violent havoc.
About 40 percent of all the homicides on Long Island are attributed to MS-13 gangsters, most of whom are in this country illegally.  The gang’s motto is “kill, rape, control.”  They sell drugs, extort money from store owners, and force young, unsupervised Hispanic children into a life of crime.
Newsday is appalled and devotes a lot of ink to exposing the foreign gang.  Just about every day there is an article about MS-13’s crimes and the toll they are taking.  But despite the intense coverage, Newsday has no solution to the atrocities and, indeed, has enabled them.
The root of the problem is that vicious criminals are able to sneak into this country and then openly live here.  The solution to the problem is to prevent them from coming in at all.  That would take ultra-strict border enforcement including a stout wall.
Does Newsday want a wall?  No, it does not.  Does the paper want a zero tolerance system for folks who enter illegally?  Nope.
Newsday even shows sympathy for the Sanctuary movement which protects foreign criminals from federal authorities.  Does the paper endorse Kate’s Law, which would harshly punish convicted criminals who defy deportation and return?  As far as I can tell, Newsday does not support Kate’s Law or any other targeted measure to control illegal immigration.
So, all the articles about the terrible MS-13 violence ring kind of hollow.  Newsday and its politically correct leftist brethren actually enable the foreign thugs by opposing tough, common sense methods to neutralize them.
Or am I wrong?
It is estimated that more than ten thousand Salvadoran gangsters are roaming the streets of America right now.  President Trump wants a wall, supports Kate’s Law, and opposes Sanctuary cities and counties.
Newsday criticizes the President’s positions but then turns around and bemoans the huge damage being done by MS-13.
Makes no sense whatsoever.  Unless, of course, politics are more important than human lives.