Hunter Biden is Back
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 7, 2022
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It's an October surprise; Hunter Biden is back. According to The Washington Post, the feds might indict him for avoiding taxes and lying on a handgun application. 
Not exactly the O.J. Simpson case, but not helpful for Daddy Joe. Not at all.
Someone in the Justice Department fed The Washington Post the story, which is interesting. The Post was a Hunter/Computer denier and is an enthusiastic partner to the Democrats.
So if the Post got a heads up, odds are something will go down.
Hi, there, Hunter.
Of course, the big story is whether or not the big guy received money from the rascal Hunter. If that happened, impeachment follows.
But the Justice Department is not going to investigate that even after it finds out who leaked the abortion/Supreme Court memo. Sorry for the cynicism.
However, if Republicans take the House, expect major "hearings" on the Biden money train.
Woo-woo. Have a good weekend. New column Sunday noon.
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