Hunter Biden's Gun Trial
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 11, 2024
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The illegal gun trial of Hunter Biden should never have happened. Biden could have pleaded guilty and accepted the slap on the wrist.  A plea would have saved the Biden family much embarrassment.
But wait, the Bidens don't seem to be embarrassed at all. They are proud of Hunter for kicking his substance addiction. They are compassionate people, you see.
Well, from what I can see, the compassion is misplaced. I don't buy the addiction excuse where a "disease" is responsible for hurting others, not you. Court testimony spotlighted a variety of destructive acts committed by Hunter, including helping his girlfriend become addicted to crack cocaine.
Hunter Biden also has a five-year-old daughter who he totally ignores even though he's sober now.
Hard to be proud of that.
Hunter's lawyers are obviously promoting the substance abuse excuse. Don't blame the addict for crimes; blame his "condition." 
Nonsense.  Intoxicated people do heavy damage to society and they should pay a price for that. Rehab is a positive, but it shouldn't void criminal behavior.  
The drug devil didn't make Hunter Biden do anything. He is completely responsible. And a sane society would hold him accountable.
See you this evening for the No Spin News.