Hunting Hunter
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 17, 2023
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Hunting Hunter

Kimberly Strassel of The Wall Street Journal is an excellent columnist. On Friday, she reported that "suspicious banking transfers" were reported 170 times in transactions made by Hunter and Jim Biden, the President's brother.

That may be a record.

The FBI could have easily opened an investigation five years ago based on that information. Apparently, the Bureau did little or nothing even after an FBI informant reported that Hunter and Joe Biden each received $5 million dollars from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

It's the FBI's mandate to look into allegations made against powerful politicians. Somebody tell Director Wray.

The House Oversight Committee, driven by Republicans, did investigate the banking red flags and came up with a labyrinth of shell corporations routinely funneling foreign money to Hunter Biden. Now, three house committees want to see the personal banking records of both Joe and Hunter Biden. Here's a shocker: the two men are refusing to hand them over.

That's why Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced a formal "impeachment inquiry." That designation gives the probing congresspeople more legal authority in the pursuit of the Bidens' finances.

Of course, if President Biden has nothing to hide, he should release said records and reinforce CNN's posture that there's no evidence linking Joe to Hunter's grifting.

Come on, Mr. President, give Jake Tapper and the rest of the "in the tank" crew a break by breaking the banking records story. No joke, not being facetious; you can walk away from all this tomorrow by doing the right thing.

But Joe won't do that because he knows Jake and the tank crew will continue the malarkey about "no evidence." With the Attorney General in his pocket, the President and his advisers believe he may get away with any wrongdoing.

I could be desperately wrong, but I think Joe Biden did do corrupt things while enriching his family. I also believe those things will, eventually, be on vivid display.

If so, Joe will have to go. In my mind, it's when not if. Again, I could be mistaken.

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