I Hope I'm Wrong
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 8, 2022
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Always, I have believed in the ability of Americans to understand essential situations largely out of self-interest.

A good example is the election of Donald Trump in 2016.   Voters could easily see that Mr. Trump lacked self-discipline and was going to uproot convention in Washington.  But that's what millions of folks wanted after eight years of President Obama and creeping government control.

So Trump won, and so did voters who cared about economic freedom and obeying the law.  President Trump ran the economy efficiently, stopped border anarchy, and supported law enforcement.

Now, we have a divided country once again, but I'm not so sure many of my countrymen understand the Biden experience.  Yes, working folks are suffering economically.  Certainly, the criminal justice system is in tatters.  And culturally, Mr. Biden has largely defined his opposition as anti-democracy.

So you would think the President and his progressive allies would be done; I mean, how much more evidence is needed before voters revolt against bad policies and foolish rhetoric?

But I don't see the revolt, especially in the big cities.  I see acceptance of terrible policies and incompetent leadership.

This November 8, I hope I'm wrong.

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